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If you are working on a project, whether it is for your residential or commercial property, you can bet that Domac Inc. will have all of the equipment you may require.


From handheld tools to heavy equipment, you will find that our inventory includes a wide variety of items that are available for rent anytime you need them.


Variety of rental equipment available

Call today for more information on the pricing of our rental options. If you already own your equipment, heavy or small, you can come to us for any repairs you may need as well. Whether it is handheld equipment, heavy machinery, or large vehicles, our staff is here to help.

  • Air tools and equipment (compressors, hoses, movers, drills, grinders)

  • Concrete tools (Vibrators, buckets, saws)

  • Electric tools (Drills, Extension cords, generators, grinders, saws, hammers)

  • Heavy equipment (Cranes, forklifts, dirt equipment, manlift, compaction)

  • Automotive (Engine hoists, torque wrenches, pullers)

  • Jacks and porta powers (Hydraulic jacks, floor jacks, journal jacks)

  • Piping equipment (Cutters, pipes, bevelers, bolt cutters, tubing benders)

Choose from our wide selection of items! Call: 409-945-3346

Large inventory available for rental: